So grateful to Mary Rose for introducing me to this – you can find the original here

Outside My Window
The sun is streaming pale yellow through the scrub oak. The air has a glowing quality to it unique to this time of year, as fall approaches. Summer morning suns are direct and bold; this morning light is gentle and serene.

I am thinking
what I need to do today.

I am thankful for
Hanna didn’t cause much trouble here. None for me, little for our community (we live away from flood risk)

From the kitchen...
Fresh-sliced peaches with homemade yogurt for breakfast!

I am wearing
A new pair of sandals I’m trying to break in (it’s working)- and a sweet white lightweight cotton top, reminiscent of an 18th-century bodice, lined around the neckline with lace. and shorts.

I am creating
My to-do list for today, so I don’t forget the essentials

I am going
I hope nowhere today!

I am reading
A variety of books for school, especially on Church History. Sneaking in a chapter here and there of Sense & Sensibility

I am hoping
That rehearsal goes well tomorrow, and that what I dread will not come to pass.

I am hearing
window fan, crickets, a blue jay

Around the house
It’s Monday – I’m about to go commence my Home Blessing Hour: remake my bed, dust & vacuum the bedroom, sweep the main bath, wipe down fixtures (a bit more detailed than Swish & Swipe) – get ready for tomorrow. STUDY.

One of my favorite things
Is the way the sunlight is streaming through the pines and the scrub oaks.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
check the grape vines. Get to the Dr. to have that glucose tolerance test run. Work in the garden so my neighbor can plow it for me. Plant some collards & broccoli.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

testing, testing…

Anyway, the photo for the post is the American Beautyberry, which is something I’m looking at from my window. No, it’s not mine – I can’t find the cable to my camera! (grrrr…) but it’s the same plant, so I thought I’d post it in lieu of my personal beautyberry bush photo.



  1. Very nice Daybook entry, Laura! Isn't it enjoyable to slow down a bit and be aware of what is around you? I know I'm really liking it.

    How to insert photos somewhere else: In your Blogger posting window, there are to tabs: "Compose" and "Edit HTML." You want to first upload whatever photo you want from your computer. Blogger by default does place the photo in the beginning of the entry.

    After uploading photo – click on the "Edit HTML" tab. You will see your photo at the top. Highlight all the code. (It will begin with "< a…rest of code >" and end with "< /a >") Do a cut & paste by cutting that code and then re-pasting it further down the body of your post wherever you want it. (Note: you won't see that exact set of quote marks and spacing in the code. I had to put those in for it to appear here in the combox.)

    Voila! Your photo will now appear in the area you want!

    Hope that helped. 🙂

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