Wow. Apologies, all, for being AWOL or MIA the past few days.

Dr’s appts the past couple weeks. Annual check, blood work – elevated blood sugar, elevated cholesterol –

The sugar is okay – good results from the glucose tolerance test this a.m. – the Mammogram report indicates The Girls look good – cholesterol is a little high but I can make a few amendments to my diet to counter that.

Had a good chat with the nurse practitioner about weight loss strategies, etc.

All this is so important because in the past couple months I’ve been learning more and more about myself – and it’s time for some changes. My home didn’t reflect the essential, the ontological Me, so I’ve been working at keeping it tidier, and I’ve been dreaming about decorating options. Now it’s time to work on my physical shell, my body – also to serve as an honest visual reflection of who I am.

Also doing some interior work. I was trained as a girl not to inconvenience others, not to take, but to give in order to be deemed worthy of acceptance. My mom’s health also taught me that, if I wanted something, I had to be more aggressive in order to get it. These old ways of being are backfiring on me now. I don’t want always to be a self-sufficient woman who needs no one and nothing, who has to all but overtly apologize for existing.

Book reviews coming up shortly – maybe. If I can screw up my courage long enough LOL

One thought on “healthy!

  1. I think we need to start a weight loss blog for accountability (sp?) and cheering each other on. I know there are lots of ones already out there but this would be just for us – those of us who “know” each other already.

    I’ve been mulling this over for awhile. Maybe make it invitation only or some such thing. Not super public.

    Whadda ya think??

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