The Disordered orientation of Abortion

Last night, late, I posted a Prayer Need (over in the box on the left-hand side of the blog, there) for D., a young woman who just found out she’s pregnant and who is on her way to Planned Parenthood on Monday.

She is being steered in that direction by a woman who used to be a volunteer for that organization – and is promoting it as if she’s still affiliated with them.

Ladies – it is natural for a woman to protect her children, after birth and before. It is natural for a woman to hold close to her heart the mysteries of a pregnancy, the secret glories of having new life formed in our bodies.

To deny those mysteries – to deny the humanity of our unborn – to deny the LIFE of our unborn – to call the unborn “parasites” –

This is a severely disordered behavior. It defies our womanhood. It defies the best and the noblest and the most beautiful and the most feminine of our womanly nature.

Fight. Fight against this wrong. Fight to remind women of our calling in cherishing, nurturing, and caring for the helpless and defenseless.

Fight. Pray for those who have been so deeply wounded that these disorders of denying Nature should be so openly manifested in their behavior and conduct.

Fight. Oppose these incidents of legislating from the bench that is “Roe v. Wade” and other bogus court rulings of recent years.

Fight. Protect the unborn, the weak, the helpless, the disenfranchised, the defenseless.

Fight. Remember our foremothers who opposed slavery. Abortion is a slavery to an evil master who cares not one bit about our worth as human beings, but cares only for the exploitation of our resources and our weaknesses and our fears in order to make his own profit. Remember that even the abolitionists and the suffragettes opposed abortion. Most of them even opposed contraception and activists like Margaret Sanger who only wanted to use abortion and contraception (two sides of one ugly coin) to eliminate nonwhites from her “Master Race” ideals.

Fight. Open your hearts, your purses, and if need be your homes to render the argument that women have no choice null. Open them so that women who are being pressured by selfish parents and even more selfish boyfriends and husbands can find refuge to do what is natural to them – to protect their children.

Fight. Tell the world that human life begins at conception. Tell the world that abortion profits and benefits only men. Tell the world that real women protect and love their children. Tell the world that abortion wounds women even as it kills our babies.


UPDATE 1:42 p.m.: A prime example of the evil of utilitarianism – a hallmark of the Nazi holocaust – is reported in Lifesite News. Abortion, this radical feminist, Camille Paglia, admits, is killing – but it is a justified killing!

Ladies and gentlemen – if this doesn’t bring brilliant illumination on just how far our Enemy is prepared to go to destroy souls, I don’t know what will.

4 thoughts on “The Disordered orientation of Abortion

  1. yep – especially if it’s a principled man. But sadly – abortion directly profits a male-dominated medical industry who’s making megabucks on women’s heartache. And abortion benefits the men who don’t have to step up to the plate to be real men and protect and provide for their offspring. It’s one more way (along with ABC) that men can enjoy no-consequence sex.

  2. Thank you.

    It seems to me that many of the “choices” foisted upon us by “feminists” actually serve to take away our femininity. It is not in a woman’s best interests to deny her body its natural processes. It IS in a woman’s best interest to empower her to protect herself, to hold her body sacred, to share herself only with her husband, to carry out any pregnancies that nature sends her way, to birth those babies with the power of her own body, to nourish those babies with the milk from her breasts, and to care for those babies with the love in her own heart. The other options seem like freedoms, but really, they are just more ways for us to be caged, to be at the mercy of the patriarchal establishment.

  3. I just read the article you linked in your edit. While the woman’s position makes me sick, I have to give her kudos for at least acknowledging the truth about abortion. Most pro-choicers don’t have the emotional fortitude to accept the fact that abortion IS killing, that a fetus IS human. If more people would wake up and realize what abortion really means, I think we’d have a lot more pro-life people around.

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