The Simple Woman Daybook

FOR TODAY September 15, 2008
Outside My Window... The cat, Simon, is lying in the grass. I’m glad of this; at 2:00 a.m. he had brought me an almost-dead frog…. lying in the grass is much better

I am thinking
… of some of the women I’ve met on FlyLady who carry such burdens of fear and doubt and sorrow – and how frustrated I am at my impotence to help.

I am thankful for…the approach of Fall, and cooler weather – new piano student this week – good med test results last night –

From the kitchen…sweet potato muffins!

I am wearing…black tank top, white slacks, lace-up “trainers” and socks. And my glasses.

I am creating
… beauty and order in my home using the FlyLady routines! YEA!

I am going…to get a haircut soon.

I am reading...True Devotion to Mary by Louis de Montford (for Christian Spirituality), Church History by Fr. Laux and A Concise History of the Catholic Church by Thomas Bokenkotter (for Historical Foundations)

I am pick up an additional two piano students this week

I am hearing…the ceiling fan clicking on its cycles, and the small fan on the desk whirring. Radio hasn’t gone on yet; I’ve discovered it anaesthetizes me too thoroughly.

Around the house.
..It’s Monday! Home Blessing Hour – dark clothes are hanging to dry, whites are filing the washer as I come across them. I have a bit to vacuum and dust, then I start my Zone 3 – the front room which will again by my study by the end of the week. (I think)

One of my favorite things
…if the way the air smells now. We’ve had a lot of rain the past couple weeks, and I think it’s causing the pine needles to start to break down – the air is so full of that sweetly sharp pine fragrance, and a hint of sweet of rotting wild grapes… I often feel restless here in this place, but I have to admit the changing seasons bring about sensory delights I’ve never encountered anywhere else. Compensations, I suppose?

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Tomorrow I go for a haircut and (maybe) a pedicure at the high school, then on to Raleigh where I’ll stop by the music store for music for my new student – and chorale practice! Also, I’ve gotten behind on my school schedule, so I’ll be spending a lot of time listening to lectures, taking notes on the computer, and READING til I’m crosseyed! (Oh! – I have some winter vegs to set out in my veg bed, too)

Here is picture thought I am sharing
…drawn by my friend “Angela Messenger

2 thoughts on “The Simple Woman Daybook

  1. FlyLady rules!

    I was confused for a minute ’cause you were doing your “house blessing.” I thought I was forgetting to do something. Then I realized that my house blessing happened on Friday….

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