Why Does It Matter?

Why get involved in politics? Why push and push and push on a variety of issues? Why be relentless?

Because, dear friends, this upcoming election – and it has already started, with early voting and Absentee Ballotting – has more on the line than we ever have had before.

Women fought long and hard for the privilege of voting, yet almost as soon as the privilege was won, we began to abuse it, voting on emotional rather than factual considerations.

Yet women are the conscience and the heart of a nation. It is we who raise her sons and watch them go off to fight in defense of her freedoms – because with freedoms come great, and frightening, responsibilities.

We women of America, and our sister Nation to the North, Canada, are obligated to be the conscience of our Nations. We have a duty to call for what is right, and true, and honorable.

The rhetoric promoted by the Democratic party masks a lot of dysfunction and even overt evil.

How can a woman stand by to protect someone’s right to kill a child?
How can a woman not protest the violence of terrorism and be content to allow it to influence our domestic and our foreign policy?
How can a woman not see through the rhetoric and the attempts to sway via emotional drive to the facts, the issues, and the real needs and rights?

Barack Obama’s hands are covered with bloodguilt.

Alone, he opposed the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, legislation that requires babies that survive late-term abortions be given medical treatment – not just dumped onto a dirty linen gurney and left to die of neglect and exposure. He insists that the right to free and unrestricted access to abortion shall not be hindered, and that he will enact the Freedom of Choice Act as his first act as President – which will overturn the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act. Yet the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act does not prohibit late term abortions; it only secures humane and just treatment of infants who survive the procedures.

How can a woman, born to nurture life, not be moved to outrage at such an extreme attitude in contempt of the greatest gift God has given us: life itself?

Barack Obama’s political career began in the living room of William Ayers – founding member of the Weathermen, an American terrorist organization of the 1960s. Ayers was convicted of terrorism, fled and lived as a fugitive from Justice until his conviction was overturned – on a technicality. He now lives, unrepentent and unconverted from his violent youth – in Chicago, where he teaches the teachers of children.

Obama has ties with other criminal bosses and organizers in the Chicago area.

These are moral issues which no true woman can fail to protest, out of a sense of moral virtue.

Barack Obama has close ties to the current economic crisis – he has hired in an advisory capacity at least two of the men responsible for driving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into the ground – and he received more political contributions from those men and those agencies than any other politician except one: Chris Dodd of CT, who oversees the regulatory committee over those agencies.

Women who work hard to keep our heads above water and to provide homes for our families, often alone and unsupported, should be outraged that this presidential candidate, the man who would win your vote, should be exploiting the very agencies whose collapse and subsequent requisite bailout by the federal government threatens the financial serenity we have worked so hard to achieve.

Barack Obama has demonstrated strong Islamic sympathies. He’s played both sides of the fence in the Arab-Israeli conflict, fostering a sceptical distrust of the U.S. by both Israel and Palestine.

Barack Obama has held multiple citizenships. His loyalties are clearly, visibly divided.

How can a woman, the daughter of America, not be alarmed that such a duplicitous individual could be elected to the highest office of the Nation? These are unscrupulous vacillations presented only to impress the audience he is addressing at any given time. How cam a woman, whose heart is given to undivided loyalty, be insensitive to such deviance?

We are America. It is our future, our families, our homes at stake in this Presidential election. We must engage our full giftedness – our minds, our hearts, our passions, our moral virtue – to protect ourselves, and our integrity, individually and as a nation. Our moral superiority must be engaged to demand the best and the truest for this nation.

5 thoughts on “Why Does It Matter?

  1. Virginia – I’ve removed your comment because it is constructed in such a way as to be only an advertisement. Please re-word and resubmit.

  2. Thanks for much for this thoughtful post. What a great read! I will definitely be linking to it!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a note. I very much like your blog and I think you have a unique voice.


  4. Great post, Laura. Canada and the US are so closely linked that your election is going to affect us for years to come. Let’s hope Harper wins on Oct. 14 and McCain on Nov. 4.

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