We’ve been praying for Eddie, who had brain tumor, for several months. I received a beautiful email from his daughter a little while ago, informing me that he entered Eternity on October 3, his 64th birthday.

She spoke of the time at home, and the sweet privilege of caring for him – a privilege I can share passionately with, because of the time I spent with my father during his final days, in 1991 –

and all I can think, beyond even my sorrow for my friend’s grief, is that there are people who would arbitrarily “relieve suffering” by terminal anesthesia, or euthenasia.

Ours has become a self-centered, narcissistic culture, concerned not with the ultimate wellbeing of our loved ones (do we even know how to truly love, any more?) but with our own convenience, our own deliverance from inconvenience or suffering or self-sacrifice.

My dear friend wrote of her father’s final days – “I would gladly have spent ten years caring for him again!” she wrote, and I know what she meant. We are deeply altered (altared?) by such proximity to suffering and Dying.

She wrote of the peacefulness of his passing – how God granted all their desires for his final moments –

How many people are deprived of the grace of these sufferings by impatient family and medical personnel who unnecessarily hasten the end of life, lacking understanding of the utter redemptive beauty of allowing God to choose when life begins and ends?

We’ve become a utilitarian people – God help us, it’s getting worse all the time – and if this election goes badly, we’ll be seeing even worse, at a greatly accelerated pace.

4 thoughts on “Eddie

  1. I am going to print this out and keep with my important papers so that if I should ever be faced with the same situation my family will know I willingly suffer with and for Our Lord.

    Also – alter/altar – yes!

  2. Hi Laura, I miss you at FlyLady forums you always had something interesting to say I hope all is well and I hope you do come back soon.
    Jilly oxoxooxox


  3. Thank you so much Laura, you are a good friend to me. You have articulated my own rage in a much more ladylike way. The impatience of family to “relieve suffering” makes me so angry. There can be no suffering worse, I would imagine, than knowing your family want you to die on a quicker timetable. And those patients know your wishes, we should never underestimate how sharp they can be. Thank God. God bless ye lass for your lovely post.xxx


  4. What a beautiful post.

    I followed you from Penelope’s blog. I hope that is okay.

    I truly hope you do try sewing again. Maybe a friend or an acquaintance will help you or maybe even a stranger who just might become a good friend. Sewing takes patience. Sometimes I find sewing is very relaxing and gives me time to think. Sometimes things don’t go quite right, and I get frustrated. Just like life.

    Feel free to ask questions on my blog. Packrat

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