So – Biden said WHAT?

During the debate between himself and Sarah Palin, Biden enraged gay rights activists by insisting that neither he nor Barack Obama supported gay marriage. Yet today, on “Ellen,” he said that, were he a resident of California, he would vote against Proposition 8.

Proposition 8 is the one that defines marriage as between a man and woman ONLY.

So – Biden’s talking out of both sides of his mouth, just as Obama himself has been doing all along.

What else is new?

And how long will it take for the good Christian people planning to vote the Democratic ticket this month to see the serpant for what it is?

What’s more – on ABC News, Biden predicted that the U.S. will suffer another terrorist attack in the early months of Obama’s presidency, and that the American people will need to be prepared to stand by him as he makes “unpopular decisions.”

Sure, we will.

#1 – Biden has just admitted to the entire world that Barack Obama is an inexperienced neophyte. That in itself should discourage ANY half-witted voter from casting a Democratic ballot in the General Election.

#2 – The Democratic Party was all in support of President Bush after 9/11/01 – it would have been political suicide to oppose him after the attacks on our Nation. But now, while it’s POPULAR and POLITICALLY CORRECT to oppose the President in his duty as Commander-in-Chief (and doing a good job under terribly difficult circumstances, no less), Senator Biden (Bidin’ My Time?) says we have to give UNQUESTIONING SUPPORT to Obama….

To a man who has expressed Muslim sympathies, who has sworn that he would uneqivocally meet and negotiate with our enemies…

And Biden says we ought to unquestioningly give such a traitor, such a despot, our unquestioning support?


4 thoughts on “So – Biden said WHAT?

  1. Great minds again – I just posted on those scary things Biden said. They think Palin isn’t qualified but this guy just opens his mouth and stuff dribbles out….

  2. I hope he keeps right on with his crazy talk.. it can only help.. I hope anyways.. something has to shake people up and make them see Obama and Biden for what they really are.

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