4 thoughts on “oh yeah – I’m having one of those days, myself…

  1. OMGosh – this one made me laugh out loud. It sorta goes with my new video. Go watch – you’ll be creeped out….

  2. Funny.
    I had quite a day of cranky-pants myself.
    Good to find some animal humor in blog world. From one Laura to another..have a great day.

  3. Must have been the day! I was cranky and clutzy, too! Yes, I like classical music. Thanks for the tip on the classical music station. My computer needs new speakers, but I’ll try it anyway.

    (I also like some opera, oldies rock, “oldies” country, the standards, big band, and singers such as Vittorio, Josh Groban, Charlotte Church, etc. I guess I like anything that I can sing along with, even if I don’t sound very good.)

    Hope today is better for you.

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