Do Republicans act like this?

Merry talks about an incident she witnessed at her college:

When I got to school yesterday, 2 Black girls were walking through the parking lot and I heard, “I should’ve keyed her van.” The other girl said, “You shouldn’t talk like that.” First girl: I don’t care.

When I got out of class I noticed the van she was talking about. It had a big Nobama painted on the window with shoe polish.

Do Republicans behave this way? I haven’t heard of any of it.

God help us, in two weeks – we’re in for trouble regardless what happens.

3 thoughts on “Do Republicans act like this?

  1. Of course they do. I was told today by a wonderful God fearing woman that I will burn in hell because I don’t share her political views. She is a republican.

    You can’t judge an entire party based on what someone says they may have heard two people say. I don’t judge all republicans based on that this woman so hatefully said to me.

  2. All one has to do is look at some of the many YouTube videos of people at McCain rallies to see what Republicans are capable of doing. I’m sorry but there are lots of idiots and lots of angry, hateful ignorant people in both parties. And if you’ve been following the news, a McCain campaign worker claimed falsely that a big black man attacked her and carved a B into her cheek. She has now confessed that this was a fraud.

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