How I spent my birthday

I hate birthdays. Don’t mind getting older, but if there is one day in the year when I can count on being disappointed, stressed, and downright miserable, it is October 28.

This year was no different.

Nevertheless, some good stuff happened.

This year, my birthday was on a Tuesday – that means Chorale night. And as I was driving up the road toward that city wherein Chorale meets… I helped catch a horse.

Yep. Catch. A. Horse.

I was about 7 miles up the road, and traffic was almost at a standstill – and I was about to pass when I saw the horse galloping north (same direction I was headed) up the road. I ducked into the driveway of the house where I was pretty sure he’d come — met by about a half-dozen Dachsunds, and a misc Heinz-type hound, all barking their fool heads off… and no one was at home. I was getting into the car when a truck pulled in behind me – another neighbor! Hooray!

They went north, headed off the horse and turned him around south – I blocked the highway with my car and steered the fellow back across the road into his own people’s driveway. Then I got pulled my car back into the driveway, and got out just as he was thinking maybe he wanted to go back out into the road again. I simply raised my arms (a little more extended than the orans position, but I promise you I was praying!) and said “Whooooa!”

And lo! the horse stopped! and he looked at me, and I stood there and started talking babytalk to him (yes, I confess it) – and he walked to me and dropped his head onto my shoulder. Poor baby!!!

I was patting his neck and telling him how lovely a baby he was, and wondering how in the world to lead him without a halter – and the neighbor slipped past me, opened the gate and went into the feed room. When the big boy (gelding, probably close to 17 hands high) heard the food bucket rattle, he abandoned me and went trotting off to his feed bucket.

The neighbor’s son ran the parameters of the small pasture – no broken fence slats, so we figure he must’ve jumped. The big guy wasn’t limping and had no visible wounds, so I wrote a note and left it in their back door. Left my phone number, but haven’t heard a word from the folks – I’m going to stop by there, tomorrow, and inquire.

I’ve always loved horses, so that was a treat – even though I was in the wrong kind of shoes for tramping around chasing after one.

Remainder of trip was pleasant. Arrived early – auditioned for solo for Messiah performances with Carolina Ballet, coming up Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t expect to be given one, although I think “He was despised” went fairly well – we have some really fine singers in that group, and I was outsung every which way from Sunday. That’s okay, though – it was a good and valuable experience.

And after rehearsals, I went out with the crowd to the Irish Pub where I enjoyed a chicken club sandwich with kettle chips, and a slice of Baileys Cream cheesecake for dessert. I was the only conservative Republican at the table, which felt weird, and I grieved the loss from our group of the other Conservative who’s a LOT more knowledgable than I and always good for instructive and edifying conversation.

Filled up the car for $21.50 – $2.64/gallon, which is about fifteen cents/gallon cheaper than it is here at home.

Soon as the clock passed midnight, my very poor mood lifted and I began to enjoy myself quite a bit.

Thanks for all the well-wishes that have come to me via email, Facebook, and other blogs. I’m grateful for my friends.

God bless y’all’s socks off.

5 thoughts on “How I spent my birthday

  1. Sorry your birthday was “rotten”.

    I’ll admit it. Birthdays are almost always bad for me, also.

    Chasing and trying to catch horses (and/or cows) sounds like what happens around here. I’m glad the horse,(and you and the others on the road) are safe and sound.

    You sing! How wonderful! I wish (good) music was more important in our society. I think it is truly sad that sports “rule”.

    The only time I truly get envious of people is when someone gets to be in or go to a wonderful performance. We live so far from a civic center that we seldom get to attend anything. Also, this isn’t something that my husband likes, so it isn’t a priority. 😦

    Enjoy and rejoice!

  2. Hi Laura,

    It’s funny how birthdays seem to become less important as you get older! Though, even the timing is off, I’m wishing my blog buddy a happy belated birthday and may your prayers be answered.

    Blessings and Love…. Melina x0x

  3. And lo! the horse stopped! and he looked at me, and I stood there and started talking babytalk to him (yes, I confess it) – and he walked to me and dropped his head onto my shoulder. Poor baby!!!

    That made me laugh out loud! Sweet story. Thanks and happy belated!


  4. Happy belated Birthday! (Mine was rotten this year, too).

    But how cool to catch a horse…I also love horses.

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