Thank you, Catholics For Obama

The Obama team is promising to undo all of President George W. Bush’s initiatives to limit and to curtail abortion services in the U.S. – from federal funding to abortion to eliminating the current effort to secure rights of conscience for health care providers.

The memo alluded to in the above link (I can’t find the embedded link option yet, but I will!) indicates that the writers of the 55-page memo on the abortion rights game plan are dismayed that their plans have been made public at Change-DOT-Gov; however, we knew this was coming for a darn long time.

All you Catholics who voted for this man – you knew he was going to advocate on behalf of abortion. And you whine “Bush hasn’t done anything to advance the pro-life cause, so what difference does it make?”

Yeah. Bush’s work has to be nullified and overturned, according to the Obama team – If he’d done nothing, there’d be nothing to oppose or “correct,” now, would there?

I find it hard to forgive you for this, you liberals who voted for Obama. I find it very hard indeed. You’ve sided with the Enemy, you’ve betrayed your Faith. You’ve stood among us as wolves in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be faithful Catholics while actively promoting what is inherent evil, not even to begin to discuss the implications of implicit evil that are promised with this administration.

Do you not realize you have materially cooperated with Evil in empowering a man whose Agenda is rife with Evil?

Kyrie eleison.

3 thoughts on “Thank you, Catholics For Obama

  1. As an observer from Canada, I have never liked either Bush but especially the son for their wars. I do not believe we have heard or seen the end of the judgment upon them.

    However, I fear the man about to come into office is, dare I say it, the tool of a most evil presence in the oval office. But more I fear for the abject blindness of Christian souls who have sold themselves over to this man.

    Is a dark hour truly ahead for America? Yes, I think so. I am reminded of the Gospels when all were saying Peace and safety, peace and safety. We know what was said to follow.

    Is this the great End? On that I have no idea at all and am warned against such speculation but while the liberals are saying let the good times roll it’s not the times but heads that are about to roll, the heads of the innocents and the devout.

    Yet out of great peril often comes redemption and renewal. Let us pray most ardently to that end.

    P.S. I’ve never thought of myself as an extremist or a hard core conservative but nowadays be faithful to the teachings of the Church as best you can and you are automatically a radical and sadly, even among our own brothers and sisters.

  2. Owen, if you’ve taken even a cursory look at the Agenda on change-DOT-Gov, you’ll oberve that the devout are going to be targeted, not only via FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) but also through the Obama policy on religious speech in the public square. The current language is a bit tamer than the original, but I don’t think it takes a crystal ball and powers of prognostication to know that Christians, orthodox ones at least rather than just nominal ones, and very particularly Catholics, are going to be severely persecuted during this – regime. Pray for us!

  3. You are correct Laura and I apologize if I was trying to sound like some enlightened prophetic. I have not visited that site but the information is all over the web news.

    What you point out is what makes things so frightening. No crystal ball is needed to see the eight-ball is coming. I think of other passages, ones where the people asked for a king and God relented and gave them one.

    During the Bush reign Americans were moving to Canada now they won’t need too, not the liberals anyway because as it is already here soon it will be there and I think perhaps worse. Yes, some of us are praying. In my 1962 Missal, the new Baronius edition (which includes B16s complete Moto Proprio) I have a daily prayer for the US, I will be praying that. Sadly, there is one for the UK and Australia but nothing for Canada.

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