Christmas Domestic Pleasures

Yesterday, I went into the yard and trimmed several twigs from the wild holly growing there. I’ve never seen so many berries on this tree! it’s beautiful! and I came inside and took a piece of foam and stuck the twigs all around it. It isn’t as balanced and as elegant an arrangement as my cousins Jane and Carol Dean would make, but it’s quite satisfying for a first-time arrangement of my own. It is set in front of my long living room window, where the afternoon light makes it seem almost to glow.

I decided not to spend the money on a Christmas tree again this year. After all, I’m alone and the cat doesn’t care. But I’ve poured the white and gold balls into a cut glass bowl and set it in the living room. I will string the fairy lights around the kitchen window over the sinks, and probably in the bathrooms around the mirrors. The wreath Stephanie made for me last year is too dear to go on the front door, where rain leaks down and would damage it, so I got a cup hook and hung it just inside the back door, where it is the first thing I see when I come into the house.The nativity scenes are set out, as are the candles and a couple of unusual ornaments that give me pleasure.

If any friends should show up on my door step, unexpectedly, a pleasant and cheerful, albeit modest, home awaits them. I am contented.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Domestic Pleasures

  1. If you are still speaking to me, will you come decorate my house? giggle Your house sounds beautiful.

    We’re still debating about puttin up the tree. (We use an artificial one because of allergies.) We have a 5 month old kitten that is like a small tornado. There is stuff knocked down all over the house. I really don’t want all the ornaments broken.

  2. Well, I don’t know about “speaking,” literally speaking, but I’m definitely WRITING

    It’s always more fun doing things at other people’s houses than it is here in my own! Can I get through the snow in your yard?

  3. Phew! šŸ™‚

    At this moment,yes, you can get through my yard, but it is snowing and blowing. I’m not sure it will be like in a couple of hours.

    Also, between here and the airports there is a problem. My husband was supposed to go to a meeting in Lewiston (ID) today, and I was going to go with him to finish up my Christmas shopping. We got a call about 15 minutes before we were going to leave to say that several of the committee members were snowbound and that the meeting was cancelled. I’m really glad we didn’t go.

    As it turned out, it is a good thing we didn’t go. The business phone has rung all day – one “crisis” after an other.

  4. Hey Packrat – We’re neighbors….

    Like you new home. Why did you decide to change?

    Our tree isn’t up yet and I’m even debating hauling it through 3 feet of snow to get it in the house.

    I do want to get out my nativity though…

  5. hi Laura
    The design of your new blog looks great.
    i know this is off topic in relation to this post but i was wondering what are your views of feminine dress.
    I believe although women can look very feminine in pants/trousers i believe a skirted woman reinforces her femininity.
    Thats just my male point of view.
    kind regards

  6. Ted, Thanks for the compliments! I’m still figuring out how things work around here, and I expect it will take several weeks before I get things up the way I envision them.
    You ask about feminine dress, which is interestingly timed as I have been contemplating that. I have a couple of skirts that either don’t fit yet or are too dressy for daily wear – but more and more I want to wear them. And if it counts, yesterday while I was running errands, I wore a pair of black slacks with a fuschia knit top with a very wide collar and open neckline – and pearls! I felt like a million bucks just for wearing the pearls! LOL — Does that give me LadyLike Points?

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Dear Laura,
    well i definitely think the pearls would earn you bonus ladylike points and that fuschia top sounds very feminine indeed. Its wonderful you are thinking of wearing those skirts. As a traditional old fashioned man i do believe women look best in skirts and dresses.
    A full A-line skirt complemented with an apron is also very pleasing to the male eye. I always loved the fashions women wore in the 1950’s.
    So my advice to you is “Get skirted Laura!”
    Merry Christmas and all the best for the festive season

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