A little bit miffed…

I wish someone would tell me what is going on. My rational thinking assures me it’s a computer glitch, something depersonalized and unbiased. But it feels personal, when I read the pro-abort insanity at Obama’s website change.gov, with a few rabid and ill-informed posters making a stampede of posts, and I’m having trouble getting any of mine to go through.

I got one in last night – One! out of four! Cannot locate my original post from the 22d. The friend who sent me there said he was having trouble getting posts in, too, although he does have several fairly good ones.

One last night, one earlier this afternoon…. but where is last night’s? Don’t tell me it’s gone! No, it’s not even in my profile…

I hate it when I make brilliant points about the obvious and they get lost in the internet netherworld!

This person “judyb” is vulgar, crude, and just plain wrong, and she has a horde of posts?half of them marked “deleted by moderator!”

Go over, register (you can register by posting, or you can go to the parent site of the comment program and register through them) – TRY to post, but at least give thumbs-up to lucid posts defending life, and thumbs down on the ignorant and hostile posts of the pro-aborts.

2 thoughts on “A little bit miffed…

  1. The LAST thing I want to do is register on Obambi’s site. The less they know about me the better.

    Those posts are heavily moderated, judged, and deleted when they don’t fit their agenda.

  2. I don’t think this judyb fits the agenda, either – I think the agenda includes at least the appearance of being suave and sophisticated…

    There are some very good and rational posts there, too (not just mine and my friends, although ours are the best LOL)

    The forum program is the brainchild/property of four people, one of whom is reportedly 17 and the other three looking younger than 25. There are some heavy-duty “issues” with it, and I don’t mean just political.

    So much for suave and sophisticated?

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