FOCA – Engaging the Battle

Written by a friend who insists on anonymity:

If you believe the Bible to be the inerrant inspired Word of God, then you and I agree.

However, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, the Democratic National Committee, many of the policy makers in the new Congress and the new Administration and a list of folks posting here do not!  Telling them about the Bible is like quoting poetry to a pig: “It wastes your time and irritates the pig.”  Worse, that “other side” doesn’t respond positively to the Bible and arguments based on this Truth are not (immediately) effective.  Human persistence will only do so much toward defeating that resistance and will often cause people to leave the debate unchanged.

So I suggest each of you to politely and substantively state a moral case for your opposition to some part or other of FOCA and its related measures proposed here.  That will work; I promise.  It is some effort but not really.  God’s Truth is reflected in all the smaller truths of biology, relationships, justice and freedom.  If you read a claim that women will be hurt financially tell them about the real science that proves that the most effective way out of poverty – especially for a minority single mom – is marriage.  If they argue against parental notification laws because of cases of incestuous abuse, ask them if they’ve read the law and quote back to them the case law that proves how rarely that occurs.  Then ask them if the thousands of proven incest and statutory rape cases presented to Planned Parenthood somehow don’t apply.  Polite and reality based facts (not just science & figures but experience & human reality) will win this fight.

Do not censor yourself.  If you have a faith experience that’s relevant tell it.  If you know a person hurt by abortion or longing to adopt say so.  Say that your faith tells you to be compassionate.  Write that God’s word speaks truth about your experience.

Of most importance before all of this is do not surrender prayer; it will certainly do much more for this fight than our small words.  We all know this but I repeat it for my benefit and perhaps yours.  PRAYER is our first tool and web logging and dialog are only a supporting role.  Already you and I are lifting up these issues and these decision makers in prayer.  If you’re reading this and writing on the blog but haven’t spent at least 15 uninterrupted minutes (or 30 or 60 or 90!) in prayer in the last 24 hours then you are wasting your time!  Worse you’re wasting your best weapon in this fight.  You’re not preparing for this work.

Finally, do not threaten anyone with anything.   A person who sins so greatly that he will surely go to hell won’t change his ways because we tell him so.  He will change when he responds to God’s gift of Grace.  Each of us has lived that and has changed for the better.  However a threat or other words written in anger serve to make us look foolish and confirm their hardness of heart.  Worse the occasional unstable person will read it and think ‘those sinners deserve to die’ and will act on that thought.  I hold that an act of violence is a PRO-CHOICE act.  We cannot go there and must discourage others from going there.  God – who may have a plan to change their hearts – will give them what they deserve; we cannot.

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