I am pleased, grateful and downright awe-filled to announce the inauguration of the “Project” I’ve been so smug about the past few days.

A week ago, I got an email from my friend Matt, whom I’d bumped into at the comment board at change.gov. “We’ll brainstorm later…” was one of the things he said. I just chuckled.

A couple days later I got another email. He was analyzing FOCA and wondered if I’d be interested in helping him with a little project…

That project is this – http://deliberateengagement.wordpress.com

Please go take a look. Send us an email or post in the combox. Send us more resources! Matt’s done an amazing job of compiling, but a lot of the people who are looking at the site already (he posted a link to his “Debate” page on change.gov) are not Catholics, and in order to bridge the gap between us, we need Protestant and Protestant-friendly resources.

We can’t be divided into multiple armies over this: Catholic Army, Protestant Army, Areligious Army…  We have to be united against the common opposition and the one who orchestrates all this nasty stuff.

Keep praying for us, please. This blog site was opened during the Vigil of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. I think she gave us the name. I know she sent some other affirmations this way. Please – just remember us during your regular daily prayers.

Door’s open. Coffeepot is on. Come on over.

3 thoughts on “A BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT (sort of)

  1. Thanks for the info. And great new blog — I’m glad you provided the web address for it over at your old blog.

    You are spot on about the need for greater ecumenical engagement on culture of life issues and general opposition to the new regime’s policies when those policies are bad for America and for human rights. We need to work not only with Protestants, however. We need to work with Jews and other non-Christians religious believers who share our values and convictions about human dignity. We also need to reach out to non-believers, agnostics, and atheists who share our goals. I’m thinking here of people like Nat Hentoff — an atheist and a great champion for the right to life.


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