On days like this –

Some days it’s hard to remember that God cares about the minutiae of our lives, like our names, or how many hairs are on our heads, or the common ordinary tasks that make up our lives.

No water here at the Farm today. I went to wash up the kitchen, nothing. Cousin came out, wrangled the very heavy lid to the well up,  crawled inside (after using a stick to clean out the spiderwebs – I have black widows in there).

Bad switch. It’s just gone “poof!” He’s gone to town to pick up a new one. No idea how much it costs, which has me very much on edge. I have an interview next week to pick up another piano family, but money is tight this month, to say the absolute least of it.  A few inches gained, then knocked back a couple yards.

I keep telling myself, I’ve weathered worse! but the older I get the less resilient I find myself when meeting these challenges. I wasn’t raised to this kind of self-reliance, and it’s not my nature; I’m not one of those women who can just roll forward without timidity in these crises. Sickness, death, disappointments? I can face those and hold your hand when they come to you – but these very practical mechanical details of daily living leave me feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

On the positive side – the weather is mild, although cold (for us) is forecast for the next few days. Sun’s peeking out a bit, which is a plus.

And I’m really, really pleased to be working on Deliberate Engagement. It’s been a bit time-consuming, but things are stabilizing, I think (?) and settling into a steadier pace. Matt’s a joy to work with. Read his page on Debate to get a glimpse of why I respect him so much and feel privileged to get to work with him. I pray that our efforts can make a concrete difference in this part of the culture wars.

Keep praying for us, please.

Update: the switch cost less than $20 – I am breathing again.

3 thoughts on “On days like this –

  1. awww, I’m sorry your day is not going so hot.. yep, we all have them and I agree.. sometimes it can feel like we are facing those days all alone..
    prayers and hugs sent your way:)

  2. Hi – Bad day, but you were really lucky. Glad you have water again.

    The last time (besides when the power goes out) that there wasn’t any water at my mom’s it was a very expensive ordeal. It was a spider that did it, too. A big spider got into a switch which caused a short which melted something that caused the pump to seize up. I don’t remember the exactly, but in the end it cost a new pump and two 100 mile round trips by a plumber. (I was house sitting when it happened.)

    I’m like you. I can deal with the “big” things, but these little annoyances drive me nuts. My motto is, “If it is mechanical it is supposed to work. That is why we have mechanical things, so we don’t have to.”

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