I’ve removed StopFOCA – here’s why

I really like the website, overall – but that business of “Sign the online petition…”

Petitions are effective only where there is a verifiable signature. An official person comes to you if there’s any question about the authenticity of your participation in the petition effort, you say, “Yes, that’s my signature, I signed that petition,” or “No, that’s not mine.”

There is no comparable option in an online petition. None.

If the opposing side, the pro-aborts, even acknowledge that there has been a petition, they’ll dismiss it out of hand as a bunch of fabricated names and addresses to try to force a minority will on the nation.

No – the best, the only effective way, really, to make a difference in this fight against FOCA is to call, email and write your Congressmen and Senators and let them know personally how you feel. Some staffer will screen your contact, be it in writing or over the phone, and at the very least provide a report for his/her boss.

Is it a flawed system? Probably. But it’s the best one we’ve got.

FightFOCA’s online petition is only giving people an artificial sense of having done something constructive to oppose a noxious bill.

For other information what you can do, and how to be informed, keep up with us at Deliberate Engagement. Three weeks since the blog was discussed and the program opened – two and a half weeks since we started letting people know we exist. It’s still an amazing adventure.

(keep us in your daily prayers, please!)

One thought on “I’ve removed StopFOCA – here’s why

  1. This is very good.

    It’s true, postcards, letters hold much much more weight.

    Thank you so much for the reminder.

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