The whole world’s plumb Twitterpated… but not I

only I thought it had to do with something else altogether. sigh.

Attended/Streamed the Blogs for Life conference – Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council group – this a.m., and one of the speakers said that blogs have become “old media,” in part because they’ve been adopted by the old “old media,” and that the real “new media” are to be found in Facebook and…


Okay, I’ve had a Twitter account for a while. Once in a while I actually tweet. (I’m thuch a tweet lady!) The possibilities attached to this medium for the pro-life work, though, are intriguing, so I went back to look.

I still don’t get it. I was supposed to be part of some group, but I can’t find it now. I feel as if I’m looking at a blank wall.

I went back to look at Catholic Prodigal Daughter’s enthusiastic posts about becoming a Tweetheart – they might as well be written in an alien language.

The whole world loves Twitter – and I feel an absolute twit.

3 thoughts on “The whole world’s plumb Twitterpated… but not I

  1. You’re hysterical! (Laugh out loud) I understand your frustration. I don’t Twitter (or whatever), but I feel that way about other sites.

  2. Actually Twitter will die out rather quickly. People way smarter than I have predicted it and I agree…

    I think it’s just a way to keep the “great unwashed” occupied while our new government rapes and plunders…

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