I think I’m amused –

I was just dumped a few minutes ago by a Facebook “friend.”

Recently I have noticed a disappointing trend among certain conservatives of my acquaintance, on Facebook and in an email chain, of resorting to really snide insults and profanity when speaking of our President and other liberals.

We were so indignant over the immature and disrespectful behavior toward President Bush, yet these people think it’s okay to show graphics of obscene gestures or to resort to insulting names of our opponents?

I called two of these people on this behavior. One woman sent out a poll among her email list. My opinion was not the majority view. The woman on Facebook has deleted me as a “friend” – which is okay, because she was an indirect contact via some of our blogger friends.

Look. We’re supposed to be salt and light in the world. We’re supposed to be more mature, more responsible – we’re supposed to be CLASSIER.

You want to call the President names? You want to make obscene gestures? Hey, the First Amendment says you can be a jackass and an embarrassment. But it also allows me to tell you you’re an embarrassment and a disgrace to the name of Christ.

One thought on “I think I’m amused –

  1. You nailed it. I was writing about this very shortly after the Inauguration when some were ripping the First Lady for what she wore for crying out loud. I’m no friend of Obamma but I was very quickly tired of the double standard of many conservative Catholics.

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