6 thoughts on “One of my favorites, ever –

  1. I’ve had cats do that. Precious did, some – but Queenie and Oliver were classic “Mewses” (muses) – would lie on my books, papers, etc. while I was working on them. Oliver – pun of “all of her” since she was a single birth – would stick her face into what I was doing, as if she were trying to read with me. She had more personality than any cat (or dog) I’ve ever had. I really do miss her – she developed liver disease and had to be put to sleep.

  2. Love your play on words!

    Our old mama cat (Josephine Cool) used to “help” me sew – from laying out the pattern to actually sewing the pieces together. She shredded more pattern pieces!

  3. Dear Laura,

    Please forgive this addition where it is off topic, but I would ask you to pray for this lady, a Catholic blogger of the more “Traditionalist” type who is facing her final earthly days:


    Once again, please pardon this being placed here. Her soul is worth it, Laura.

    Thank you.


  4. Karl –
    Your comment points out my need to update my prayer list. You can comment there – but I thank you for alerting me to this need. – Laura

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