Store News

I’m giving this post that title because it seems the whole of my practical life this past couple weeks is revolving around the store.

My young helper, who splits Friday and Saturday with me, is in Europe on a school trip (yes, I covet my neighbor’s privileges, sometimes). This means that this week and next, I work six straight days at the store without a break.

It’s not as if the work is hard, but a new and unaccustomed schedule is a challenge – and the tasks themselves still feel largely new. Requiring a lot of thought and deliberation and mental effort, they’re pretty fatiguing. I received a shipment of religious medals this week, and it took me all day to process them in – and I’m still not done! I don’t have the right size labels for putting our computer-read price tags on the boxes! and… it’s a l-o-n-g story; the current pre-sets are for 30-per-page or 50-per-page labels. Labels don’t come in 50-per-page now, but 60- or 80- per page… and I can’t find where to change the default settings.


Still, it’s terrific. I get to meet lovely, wonderful people, and visit, sometimes encourage them, make recommendations for their own reading, for gifts… sometimes just give a bit of counsel…

It’s a joy, and a ministry, and I hope it lasts a long, long time.

Tonight after I close up the shop I’ll be going to the Vigil Mass; tomorrow I’ll enjoy a day at home without having to crank the car (I hope!) – my ideal day.

I’ll post photos soon, since several people have asked to see where I work.

One thought on “Store News

  1. Even though you are tired, I truly hope you continue to enjoy your new (ad)venture. It is such a rare and wonderful feeling to get up and want to go to work. Please post pictures. 🙂

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