Holy Week begins –

Holy Week Marathon now in progress!  I really do love this week, my favorite of the entire year, although the schedule is grueling.

This year is a bit different, and I got thrown a new couple things, yesterday:

Today – Mass in the Extraordinary Form at the Cathedral in Raleigh.
Tomorrow – extra schola rehearsal in anticipation of Good Friday liturgy in Dunn.
Tuesday – my own personal rehearsal with the Dunn music director (keep reading)
Wednesday – an evening off to gather my strength…
Thursday – to Dunn, where I’m filling in with the choir there. Their music director has had a family emergency, is going to be out of town, and his daughters are the two sopranos who read music; hence, I’m going to join them for the weekend. I’ve already booked a room at a bed and breakfast across the street from the Church, so I don’t have to drive back and forth for the
Friday – Good Friday liturgy, after which I get to go back home…
Saturday – I’m going to bypass the Vigil Mass, locally, since I don’t know anyone being received into the Church, and because
Sunday – I go back to Dunn for the EF Easter Mass.

I’ll be putting about a thousand miles on the ol’ Escort this week.

I’m also having to print out the Rossini Propers of the Mass from the internet – a beautiful series of settings, but my computer-printer relationship is shaky. I did finally get the Vidi aquam printed out before giving up; I’ll print the rest off at the store, tomorrow.

Today will be my third encounter with the EF Mass. As I read the Missal, recognize the themes and cohesiveness of the whole liturgy, I’m more and more impressed with the reverence, the beauty and the completeness of this form of the Mass. I do wish I had easier access to this Mass on a weekly basis, though, so I could learn it more perfectly, more quickly. It’s still something of a muddle to me just now –

Obviously, I am going to be meeting myself coming and going this week (still have that payroll job to keep up with, too! LOL ) so just know, now, that you friends will be in my prayers this week.

6 thoughts on “Holy Week begins –

  1. Will keep YOU in my prayers. Please be safe in your travels. Watch out for the other guy! 🙂 Enjoy the worship, the services, and the singing.

    It is gorgeous today! Finally. Because of that Easter Sunday will probably be a mess.

    I remember the Palm Sunday that Carmen had her First Communion. It was about 28 degrees with 30 mile an hour gusts and all the little girls in their beautiful little white dresses (without coats or even sweaters) shivering to pieces. It was freezing even in church. (The boys were lucky. They had on long sleeve shirts.)

  2. You just drive carefully!!! I’m jealous that you get to go to EF Masses. We are searching for the least annoying place to attend Easter Vigil.

  3. I’m tempted to go to Dunn myself for the Easter Sunday Mass. I may bring Ashley and Shelby, if they’re not worn out form the vigil the night before!

  4. Charlie, It would make me very happy to see you there! (Is someone we know coming into the Church this Easter? Has my poor tired brain had a lapse in remembering something so crucial?)

  5. Adrienne,
    The more I hear from folks like you, the more grateful I am that the priests in this county celebrate the OF properly. You have my prayers.

  6. Haha! My grandparents, Dennis and Anne McLaurin, are coming into the Church this Easter – I keep praying that Ashley and Shelby won’t be too far behind.

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