Lovely video!

Note how times have changed, with the evident respect given to this gentleman. Note, too, the final few seconds of the clip. How many of us have genuflected and kissed the ring of our bishop, lately?

6 thoughts on “Lovely video!

  1. Made me laugh and cry. Do you suppose any national network would ever donate to a religious organization now – especially a Catholic one? I doubt it very much.

    As to kissing the Bishop’s ring – I have no idea when our Bishop was even here last. How sad is that?

  2. Jackie – I know you through Angela Messenger’s blog. Thanks for your kind words – will be delighted! – although it will likely be after Sunday before I have time to play with techno-stuff here.

  3. I have socialized with bishops and met my Archbishop. Each time they don’t want their ring kissed. They have each said something like, “I don’t really like that practice.”

    Sort of disappointing.

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