We’ve had a week of “dialogue” with some GLBT proponents and activists over at DE, and in their blog, too (which is identified at DE, I’m not going to do it here). At first it just just a matter of anger and resentment against the Church, but it’s deteriorating into a presentation of gay revisionist theory. I feel incredibly frustrated; what people want to believe, they’ll believe no matter how ridiculous or implausible it is.

I encountered this in a small way via my ex-husband, and thought it would never be taken seriously. They even have a “translation” of the Bible which is very gay-friendly. One of the editors came to the Metropolitan Community Church in Greensboro for some sort of conference, spent the night at Dan’s – left a thank you note saying “Thanks for sharing your bed.” Dan and our daughters thought it was hysterically funny; I did not; you can guess how well my inability to appreciate the “fun” went over.

I also knew that the GLBT community is taking everyone they can and turning them into gays or lesbians: Katherine C. Hulm and the heroine of her novel The Nun’s Story were supposed to be lesbian lovers. Eleanor Franklin was supposed to be a lesbian, as were Emily Dickinson, Florence Nightingale,  et al.

It’s obscene in its dishonesty, its manipulations of fact – e.g. Christianity derives its ethics from Judaism, not from Roman Culture, which was at least as licentious as Greek, if not more so… etc.

I don’t know how to fight this. They WANT to believe the lie.

So Muir’s cartoon du jour is very apt, I think. If you don’t keep up with Day by Day, you might want to.

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  1. I’m not sure why, but the phrase “A fool convinced against his will is of the same opinion still” popped into my head when I read this. I think maybe it is because we can’t convince them that they are wrong any more than they can convince us that they are right. Oh, and I’m not calling us the fool.

    Please don’t shoot me, but I do believe that there are truly gay people who need our acceptance and our prayers. HOWEVER, I am not in favor of this fad, this infiltration of immorality. But, how does one tell the difference between some one who was born with a true genetic mix up and one who just wants to be immoral?

    All we can do is state why we are against all that is happening, teach our youngsters morality, pray, and hope for the best.

    Personally, I think this whole thing is just one more way to split Americans (United States) so that it will be easier to bring us down.

  2. For one thing, the genetic link theory has pretty much been trashed by developments in genetics. The gay community has finally had to admit there is no such animal as a “gay gene.”

    We also that homosexual acts violate natural law because God made us in His Image – male and female; our union serves as an analogy of His Wholeness, His union within Himself. Also, homosexual acts cannot create new life, which is the primary purpose of sex.

    The issue here is one of acts. The gay community wants to have their lifestyle approved by the larger population, which we as Christians cannot give them. Only homosexuality is distinguished as an abomination in Leviticus; no other sin is identified with such a strong condemnation.

    That doesn’t allow us to hate gays – which is what they accuse us of. Only full approval of their acts will satisfy them – but we give that approval to our own destruction.

    Does that make sense, Pakrat?

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