Thank you, I am NOT interested

… in penis enhancement products, pills or potions or lotions to enhance my libido (The Vixen is alive and well, thank you), weight loss products, shoes, cosmetics of any description, or any other of the products being promoted in the spam that has hit my Inbox.

Of course, most of it is computer-generated. And it’s a little amusing when five or six product adverts come in from the same online numerical address…

It’s downright funny when a comment is posted to something totally silly and inconsequential – “Thank you for posting this. I have been pondering this matter for some time now….” – and of course then there is the product advert just below…

Pray for us over at Deliberate Engagement. We’re “conversing” with some pro-aborts over at a website called ‘Topix.” Some of the conversation toward us is quite courteous – and I’m noticing that even posters who can be hostile toward others are reducing or avoiding altogether the name-calling and insults that mark their posts to other pro-lifers. We’ve directed several people over to DE, especially to Matt’s essay, “How to Debate.”

Pray we make a difference for good!

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