Notre Dame

I can hardly tear myself away from the computer today. The updates from Notre Dame are flying in.

I have mixed feelings about all this, I must confess: the demonstrations are something that offends my sensibilities, and I want to find a better way –

But I’m so proud, too, of the men and women, especially our holy priests, who are willing to undergo the humiliation of their arrests.

I’ve got a lot of work to do here, and I think I’m going to adopt a Shaker idea and make my labors part of my prayer for the protestors defending the life of the unborn at Notre Dame.

One thought on “Notre Dame

  1. Well, this was a hard day for me. I felt a sense of sadness and even betryal over ND’s decision. I’m generally not a fan of protests or demonstrations, but I can understand the frustration of the people who chose to protest and get arrested. And so many of the bishops just stood by and did nothing, although many bishops did stand up and take a stand against ND’s decision to honor Obama.

    I hope that out of this God will bring something good. But I’m not optomistic. Perhaps I am not trusting enough?

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