3 thoughts on “Homophobe (warning: language)

  1. No, you’re not. A ‘homophobe’ by definition is fear of homosexuals, as in phobia, as in unrelenting, terrified fear of homosexuals. I don’t think you qualify; nor do I think anyone is ‘scared’ of homosexuals. We just know that their activity is wrong, on so many levels. Doesn’t mean we’re scared of them, maybe scared for them, tho.

  2. What about a married woman who enjoys having her anal sphincter ripped by her husband? You’re worse than a homophobe, you’re a religious right wing nut who believes Homosexuality is a sin. The good news is that everyday more and more people, our president, and especially young people are realizing that there is NOTHING wrong with being Gay. Just wait until someone who truly love comes out, then you will have to open your eyes.

  3. You do realize, of course, that you haven’t answered any of my points of concern about the gay lifestyle/gay sex, but only attacked my personality? I learned a long time ago that such attacks are a sure sign of no substantial argument.

    No psychologically healthy person – man or woman – would enjoy being sodomized. Or the miserable after-effects of it.

    And you’ve got things backwards. I do truly love my ex-husband. I grieve to see how ugly and seedy and small-souled he’s become. In the gay vernacular, he’s become a pathetic troll. He could have been, and should have been, a far better man, even perhaps a great one. It’s through him I’ve seen how destructive the lifestyle is – and then I recognized the destructive effects on co-workers, neighbors, old schoolmates… Yes, loving someone who is out did open my eyes – and I sorrow over what I have had to see. I would give much to protect him, and others, from such a fate.

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