Pray for priests –

Looking online for a book about Fr. McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus,for a customer, I came across a blog by a priest calling for a boycott of the Knights because of its opposition to a GLBT agenda.

This priest is one who created a terrible scandal in the Diocese of Fresno a year or so ago when, in opposition to Proposition 8, he “came out” to his parish. That a priest would give rise to scandal and confusion in his parish is sad enough, but that he – and the priests who post to his blog demanding that the Church give in to their prideful demands – should be so utterly devoid of understanding and so willful of their own way is heartbreaking.

The Catholic Church is truly at a crisis. Pray for her without ceasing.

Local news outlet reports on a gay father finally getting his “rights” with his children.

I say, Three cheers for the former judge who was able to recognize that children are adversely affected by a parent’s homosexuality and by close exposure to the gay lifesyle.  How many more children will have to be damaged, wounded, scarred and warped before this society realizes that the romaticizing of homosexuality is damning all of us to misery?

And how long will it be before NARTH or some other organization has the ability and the stimulus to study the impact on spouses and children?

I think I’ve saved one…

Simon brought two “gifts” this a.m. –

One was a bird, already dead. The other was – is – this little fellow, still very much alive

UPDATE: I held on to Wittle Bunny Wabbit for about half an hour (I guess the photo isn’t that good, but I couldn’t loosen my hold on him or he’d have jumped straight into Simon’s cluthces again!). Last time Simon brought me a live “love offering,” it died pretty fast from its injuries. This time I – and Baby Bunny – were lucky. After Simon got tired of waiting for me to GIVE IT BACK! he went out on the deck. I carried Bun out to some wild grape vines in the back yard and released him. He took off leaping like a champ!

I asked St Francis to keep him out of harm’s way.

Photo 90