Pray for priests –

Looking online for a book about Fr. McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus,for a customer, I came across a blog by a priest calling for a boycott of the Knights because of its opposition to a GLBT agenda.

This priest is one who created a terrible scandal in the Diocese of Fresno a year or so ago when, in opposition to Proposition 8, he “came out” to his parish. That a priest would give rise to scandal and confusion in his parish is sad enough, but that he – and the priests who post to his blog demanding that the Church give in to their prideful demands – should be so utterly devoid of understanding and so willful of their own way is heartbreaking.

The Catholic Church is truly at a crisis. Pray for her without ceasing.

3 thoughts on “Pray for priests –

  1. Mighty annoying but his blog wouldn’t let me go back to your blog. Hmmm.

    Anyway, yes I agree with his premise that are probably an awful lot of gay priests out there.

    In Ireland this was caused by incompetent bishops accepting every mother’s son, bad formation and an ostrich mentality once the damage had been done.

    I’ve met Seán Brady, our humble head honcho who brings tears to my eyes just to think of him. Diarmuid Martin is Dublin’s boy and a great man he is too.

    I sincerely believe that in 20 years the priesthood will be about a quarter of the size and 10 times as effective in saving souls in Ireland.

    I’ve met some of young lads training in the seminary in Maynooth. There are 70 in all. Lovely, strong boys oozing masculinity, honour and meekness. I can’t wait to see what the Cardinal and the Archbishop make of them

    I am not afraid that we are losing priests by not admitting gays, marrieds or dolphins to the priesthood. Do they not realise we started off with 12?

    Honestly, the hubris of some of them makes me want to redden their arses and put some manners on them.

  2. Great advice — we should pray for our priests, pray that they will be holy, that they will be faithful and orthodox and good shepards of the flocks entrusted to them. I can only imagine the kind of pressures, both material and spiritual, that priests are subject to. They need our prayers. No question. Thanks so much for reminding us of that fact.

  3. Hi Laura,

    Mark from FB here; I didn’t know you had a blog – just found it now!

    I feel very sorry for these Priests who “come out”, because I think they’ve not been formed properly. I know the Orthodox allow their Priests to marry, but if we focus on the Roman discipline of clerical celibacy, then these men have no business “coming out”. Whether their internal tendencies towards sexual sin are “straight” or “gay”, they need to remember their total configuration to Christ; there’s no room in their lives for affective sexuality, so why can’t they just forget it?

    I’m not sure I want to go and read that blog, though… I get far too worked up about this. I have a friend who is Catholic and gay (apparently; the gay bit, I mean); yet, we always have the most profound arguments about issues such as this. I won’t claim to have had a flash of divine inspiration from Heaven, but it’s become quite clear to me that the “gay lobby” has it wrong on but a fundamental point (from which all others flow): that is, if we condemn homogenital acts, then we don’t condemn the gay lifestyle and all that goes with it. The problem, I see, is that all of them go hand in hand… the only reason we have gay rights is because gays (or ‘straights’) want – at some level – for their sexual sins to be ‘alright’ (even if their sins are but in the mind, or venial by contagion – e.g. cohabitation).

    I’m going to go and shut up now. Anyway, good to see your blog.

    God bless you,

    p.s. just seen that chap’s blog; how do we shut him up/convince him of his error? Oh, where to begin!?

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