8 thoughts on “Hats, anyone?

  1. You look wonderful. I love hats too, but look horrible in them. I have a teeny, tiny head (filled with a huge brain – heh) and they just don’t look right on me.

    Now my Mom had a teeny, tiny head and she looked awesome in hats and had tons of them. Fancy Sunday hats….I wish I had them.

  2. I think hats are very much a part of the womanly arts in England!

    And you do look a little like Dame Judy Dench!

    My local TJMaxx has some pretty fabulous and pricey hats for Church. Lovely confections.

  3. My mother never met a hat that didn’t like her. She was so cute in hats. As her daughter I never inherited her “cuteness” in hats. I do okay with some broadbrim outdoorsy things but thats about it. Besides, hats are for people who don’t care about their hair. I put on a hat and I can kiss goodbye anything I did with my hair.
    I would have made a miserable woman in earlier times or in England.

    On you, the hat is darling. Did you buy it?

  4. Okay, I’m laughing – Lala, you’re not the first person who’s told me I resemble Dame Judy. Thank you!

    Connie – Welcome! Yes, I had to buy the hat. I inherited my dad’s head size and shape, my mom was a lot tinier and the few hats she had sat on top of my head like a tick on a dog. Never would’ve worked for me! – Some hats were made to rest on top of the hair, not really over the head, but my hair isn’t quite long enough for that, yet – I’m still having to use a spring clip at the back of my head to get it off my neck. Soon, though, I hope to be able to do real chignon, French twist, etc. –

    Hair. There’s another idea for a post!

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