Some wonderful advice

God bless Penelope at Penelope’s Oasis for sharing this post a couple weeks ago.

“Don’t be afraid to take a wrecking ball to your life in order to redesign it” is bold advice, but completely fitting and even, sometimes, necessary.

Middle age and personal disappointments provide a wonderful impetus for evaluating my life. Having just turned 52 this past week, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting, myself. Am I doing what I want to do? What I value? Where do my daydreams take me? What do I want to be when I grow up?

There’s an image that keeps coming to me – I’m looking out the window across a green lawn, shaded with large trees, and looking at an expanse of water – a Sound, perhaps, if not the ocean. Where is it? I feel as if I’ve seen it before, perhaps on my way to Ocracoke, but I’ve never been inside a house that overlooks so much water.

What in-between steps can I be taking to make my dreams a reality? If I need something pretty to look out at while I work, what can I do on my own to give myself a pretty view?

I’ve taken the wrecking ball to one dimension of my life – one that meant a great deal to me, meant more than I can tell anyone, but that simply had to be left. It doesn’t hurt as badly as one might think. Oh, yes, it’s scary, and there’s a bit of grieving that goes along with it… but there are compensatory graces: I know I made the right and responsible and honorable choice, and I know this “amputation” will allow me to draw closer to what I really want to achieve during the time God has given me in this life – and, consequently, to what I want in the life of the World to come.

There’s no virtue in being a victim, having one’s life scripted by people who want only their own good, their own convenience and pleasure. God gives us a great deal of free choice and the opportunity to make good each and every day.

Be bold. Be adventurous. No one else can do it for us.

7 thoughts on “Some wonderful advice

  1. Oh sheesh. Add more confusion to my life, why don’t ya. šŸ™‚

    I quit reading Penelope as we (or I) had a bloggers’ falling out, I guess you’d say. But, this is good advice. I’m just at the point of not knowing which way I should go.

    As to your blog, just some questions I’m throwing out for you to think about. Actually, you probably already have thought these to pieces.

    Have you ever been to the Seattle area or to Southern Indiana? Is the water really water or could it be prairie grassland? Could this be pointing you to convent/monastery somewhere? Or, is this just one of those deja vu things?

    These image things really intrigue and sometimes almost scare me.

  2. I will take a look –

    I think a lot of these blog judgments aren’t so much a matter of overall quality but whether they meet our needs as we go blog-hopping. Does that make sense?

    I’m sorry you and Pen are on the “outs.” I hadn’t looked there in a couple of months because she’s been doing lots and lots of baby stuff since she announced she was pregnant. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not what I – at age 52 – am looking for these days. She’s said a lot in the past that has helped with “stuff,” if ya know what I mean šŸ˜‰

    I think the water is really water. This is an image that has been in my head, in some form or other, since the first time I went to the NC Outer Banks, maybe fifteen or more years ago. We were heading toward Cedar Island to catch the ferry to Ocracoke, and there was small village after village of old homes, farmhouses, lush lawns, stately trees, and, from many of them, a view of the Pimlico Sound. There’s one in particular that struck my fancy – it may be the same location in my imagination, only somehow now I’ve gotten myself inside the house.

  3. PAKRAT – A Benedictine monastery!!! You ANGEL, you!!!

    I’m to be installed as a Benedictine oblate novice on November 12!

    Okay, this particular Benedictine community looks a little loosey-goosey. Their mission statement, their Values, say NOTHING about Christ or about the Catholic Christian paradigm. All this Peace, Justice and Luvvvv are not our objectives as Christians, and Benedict’s Rule isn’t about these things – not at all!

    I’m writing about this in GREAT DETAIL right now, so will refrain from saying more at the moment…. stay tuned for a preview of the manuscript, though. Okay?

  4. Laura, what a lovely post, thank you šŸ™‚ I feel honored to be written about here and feel blessed by your lovely words.

    Packrat, sorry you feel we are on the outs, but I don’t know who you are, and I don’t really have any qualms with anyone in the blogosphere, so I suspect I may have offended without realizing it.

    By the way Laura, your blog is beautiful! You are right, I write all baby stuff all the time now, and am due in less than 3 weeks, so don’t visit around much, but I’ll be back again to read more of your lovely blog in the future.

  5. Penelope –
    You are a gem! and so is your blog. I hope my observation didn’t sound like a criticism; you meet a very real need, and maybe if I were ten or twelve years younger, or on my way to being a gramma, I’d eat it up! but as I’m 52, single, and my girls are childless…

    You are sweet to compliment my blog. It’s just my “vent” on things.

    God bless you! (p.s. – women like to brag what they go through having babies. I got along GREAT, even with two good-sized girls, both presenting occipital posterior… but they don’t call it LABOR for nothin’! – God bless you!)

  6. HI Laura,
    reading between the lines of Penelope’s blog I guess she has severed a personal relationship. People are messy and difficult but it is never the answer to ditch them because you will always have to deal with them. So my advice is learn quick, learn now and don’t take the easy way out as it always turns into the hardest way.
    Treasure your problems as heaven sent and a real means of self improvement. Always pray for guidance and know you are deeply loved.

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