“I’ve done my share…”

That’s a comment that was made to me several years ago at choir practice. The particular topic, if it matters, was the financing of a Catholic school for our area’s children.

I don’t know why that conversation popped into my head tonight, but there came with it this thought:

There is no retiring from the Church Militant. Graduation, when the end of this life comes to us. Resignation – but the consequences of that are terrifying.

No, the only thing to do is to BE Church Militant for as long as God gives us breath, doing what we can do in our particular sphere.

2 thoughts on ““I’ve done my share…”

  1. My mom is a very generous person. But, just this year, she sighed those very words.

    Sometimes when we hear about the USCCB giving money to the weirdest of organizations…

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