Where does the time go?

Well, first of all, the bad news: Phoebe Hummingbird had two bad (nonfertile) eggs, and so there are no chicks. The webcam is off until maybe, since she didn’t hatch any chicks, she lays again. It happens with other species, but I think hummers sound a bit more delicate and unpredictable.

In other news, I’m writing, and editing, and making notes, and taking care of myself. Got a bit off-balance for a while, but am recovering.

The past couple days, we’ve had temps in the mid-70s. Tomorrow it will be chilly again, and it will be pretty cold over the weekend, but spring is here. We’ll have some more cool/cold weather between now and next week-end. After Easter, we always warm up in earnest –

Spring has arrived late this year – after nearly three months of unremitting cold (for NC), we’re enjoying some mild weather. And a month after  usual, the Bradford pears are in full bloom, as are the forsythia, quince, daffodils… Even the scrub oaks are blooming, a strangely lovely dark red where only dull grey was, just a few days ago. It’s absolutely beautiful, and all out all at once. The dogwoods in my yard are in bud, and they ought to be opening in about a week. The redbud also blooms about the time the dogwoods do, and then the azeleas… resplendent Spring.

At the bird feeders I’m seeing sparrows en force, but also purple and gold finches, tufted titmice, juncoes, black-capped chickadees, the occasional cardinal – a couple of late afternoons, I’ve heard doves cooing in the back yard.

I attended the Typica service for The Feast of the Annunciation last night at the area Eastern-Rite chapel, and as I pulled into my driveway, a gorgeous, bushy-tailed red fox darted across in front of me.  And there’s at least one possum wandering around the yard, looking for cheap hand-outs.

I love Spring!

More later – I’ve got a bit more to do before bedtime – and I’m late for bed as it is.

God bless and keep you all.

A quick poll, please

I’m revving up the writing process, and I will need to be a bit more active in blogging.

Now – in looking at this blog and the older version still open and still (surprisingly) getting traffic over at Blogspot – and recognizing that both servers offer advantages and disadvantages…

Which do you think looks and works better? WordPress? or Blogspot?

(the blogger one is at http://lauralowder.blogspot.com )

Let me know what you think, will you, please?