A quick poll, please

I’m revving up the writing process, and I will need to be a bit more active in blogging.

Now – in looking at this blog and the older version still open and still (surprisingly) getting traffic over at Blogspot – and recognizing that both servers offer advantages and disadvantages…

Which do you think looks and works better? WordPress? or Blogspot?

(the blogger one is at http://lauralowder.blogspot.com )

Let me know what you think, will you, please?

5 thoughts on “A quick poll, please

  1. Done both – blogger is quick, but found it hard keeping up with the round of comments in the end. WordPress is more complicated but way ahead with the technology. ps, if links don’t work, try original template?

  2. I’m no help, really, since I’ve never used WordPress. I like the nice clean look of this page, but I don’t like having to subscribe each time to see the comments. (minor irritation – not really that big of deal)

    Use which ever one is easiest for you. We’ll adapt. Just be sure to let us know if you change, so we can add you to Reader .

  3. I have no opinion, Laura, other than that I still miss that beautiful picture of the Annunciation you used to have.
    I think from the reader point of view, it doesn’t matter much. So go with whatever you find easier to work with.
    If they’re both the same to you, I guess I slightly prefer this one– the look of the layout is more appealing to me.

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