When someone we love is in mortal sin –

It doesn’t matter who it is, or how much we love them, or how “good” that person is:

Our affection doesn’t sanctify that person’s sin.

Okay – it’s understandable that people want to minimize and whitewash their loved one’s flaws. But when someone we love is engaged in acts of mortal sin, we must have the courage to look at those acts and to name them for what they are. I don’t care what your son or daughter or nephew or best friend is doing – if you can’t recognize that their mortal sin is just that, then you’re not loving their immortal soul.

This is called cooperation with grave matter, and it’s also a sin, by the way.

One of the most courageous couples I know did something incredibly hard and risky: they sat their lesbian daughter down and told her in no uncertain terms, “As long as you are involved in the lifestyle, you aren’t welcome here. We cannot, we will not tolerate your engaging in sin as if it were of no consequence.”

It might have been horrible – the daughter might have rebelled, she might have chosen her partner over her family, she might have estranged herself from her family for years and years. Instead, she chose her family – and because they loved her enough to tell her that sin is sin, she is now out of the lifestyle and able to look back objectively and with admirable honesty at what she left behind. At the ugly and manipulative community she escaped.

In any event, she told me, some time later, her parents had made sure that there would be someone who loved her enough to tell her the truth – that what she was doing was morally wrong, unacceptable in a Christian, and dangerous. If she ever struggled or vacillated in her choice, she had the truth echoing in her mind the whole time.

Love cannot – must not! lose sight of the fact that those we love possess a soul that is immortal, that we all will face a particular Judgment and pay the penalties – the just penalties – for our sins. And when we ourselves prevaricate, rather than facing head-on our duty to the Truth, then we compound the wrong; we take guilt to ourselves and we prolong and deepen our loved one’s slavery to sin.

7 thoughts on “When someone we love is in mortal sin –

  1. Yipee you blogged!! …and WOW not a bad one at that!! So many people, including the Church are afraid of offending and turning away believers, but this is an example of truth in action …..that works.

    God Bless you and this family you speak of.


  2. Thanks for saying this so well. Admonishing the sinner is hard to do, and often resented and misunderstood, but when love is the motivation, it is a very good thing. I’m so glad to hear that sometimes is has the desired effect!

  3. 75 years the same message of hate would have been said if she’d had brought a Black Man home. I regret she chose hate over acceptance and did not see for the bigots that you are.

  4. Patricia — You’re missing something important, here: we don’t hate a person because he or she is homosexual; therefore, we are not bigots. The gay lifestyle is a nasty one, physically, emotionally, and spiritually dangerous. We see that. We want better for our loved ones. Your insistence that my friend should have stayed in the lifestyle is selfish.

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