There is nothing that can happen to us –

I would not, for all the world, want to seem to trivialize the tragedy of Newtown, CT, but I think I would be mistaken if I did not post this. I have learned its truth over the years, and after my ranting and raging, earlier today, it slips into my conscious thought with soft but victory-promising murmurs:

There is nothing – nothing! – that can happen to us that God will not redeem, that He will not use for our greater good and for His own greater glory.

2 thoughts on “There is nothing that can happen to us –

  1. This is both a true and hard saying. Since I’m currently doing research on Polish Catholics after WWII – like Wanda Poltawska, a close confidante of Bl. John Paul, who, along with her husband worked closely with him in developing his Theology of the Body, and who was a survivor of Nazi medical experiments (which gave her a very keen and personal experience of the value of human life) – I know this is so. The challenge is in conveying it.

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