Weight Loss Challenge – Some early observations

This weight loss business is daunting. I feel already as if I’m going to absolutely DIE during the process; that’s how emotionally dependent I am on food. But it has to be done – I don’t want four hefty EMS guys to be required to hoist me on the stretcher that carries me out when I go toes-up.

I realize I’m an emotional eater. This may have its roots in my childhood, when my mom was frequently debilitated by severe migraines and I was left to eat too many “meals” of peanut butter straight from the jar with a spoon. It definitely hit a crisis point during my marriage to the Fairie Prince, when I was learning how to cook, and living with a man who just wanted to be left alone while I was longing for conversation and cuddling (and not necessarily in that order, either!). I would sit and eat while he sat and watched tv with his back to me. A spoonful here, a pinch there… it adds up quickly.

I have also realized that I hate cooking for just myself. It seems so tedious and boring to fix one-serving meals instead of great lovely quantities of things… but if I cook quantities, the leftovers call to me from the kitchen and I’m  back with that one-spoonful-here-one-pinch-there crisis. Or, in the case of a lot of my favorite foods, like soup, a bowl now and another bowl later. It doesn’t do me any good to say, “Put the leftovers in the freezer” because I do not have a freezer; I have a small (4.4 cu. ft.) fridge that fits under a countertop, and it has only a narrow little icebox on top.

Breakfast bores me – well, sort of. I love to eat breakfast out, when someone else is exerting themselves to prepare it (God bless all restaurants that serve breakfast!), but I hate having to prepare breakfast at home. Plus, I have absolutely no appetite for a couple hours after I wake up; in fact, the thought of food makes me feel sick, early.

And, finally, I’m my dad’s daughter, and I’ve developed indigestion, which makes me feel as if I need “a little something” in my stomach more frequently. Dad popped Rol-Aids frequently from my earliest memories of him, but lived on them even more in his later years. Yuck.

So. How to manage this? — I think I’m just going to have to hold my nose and cook little meals, every single day. Blech! – I’m going to go by the store this afternoon and pick up some chops, divide them into freezer bags and stick them in that little ice box section, next to the ice trays. I can thaw out a chop per day, right? Or part of a chicken breast or a thigh. I’m really wanting soup, right now, with our temps dipping into the 20s again (they were in the 70s for the past several days) – maybe if I’m really careful I can freeze the soup in ziplock bags, too? Worth a try.

What I will NOT be doing is eating “diet” foods. Have you ever looked at the labels of the “nonfat” or even “lowfat” foods in the grocery store? Those things are loaded with a bunch of weird toxic chemicals that become necessary to replicate the smoothness or flavors lost when they remove the fats in the foods.  Nope! If I’m going to poison myself, I’m going to do it with real food, not fake chemical compounds masquerading as foods. Yes, I’m going to have to become portion-conscious as never before. But I can manage that with a great deal more cheer than … fat-free yogurt artificially sweetened with Aspartame. No!!! thank you, anyway, but NO!

I already eat whole grains, not white bread and only rarely white rice, so I’m good there.

Exercise: the walking has been hard because of knee pain, but I’m stretching before getting out of bed in the morning (I’ve moved to the daybed which has a foam pad on top of a bunky board, so it’s like sleeping and stretching on the floor, almost) – and I’m using free weights a bit. Soon I hope to be able to comfortably switch to my Total Gym. Yeah, I bought one of those things a bit more than a decade ago. Love it, but in the past couple years have found it harder to get on/off than to actually use it, so it’s still propped up in the corner of the spare room.

Updates will be continuing soon.

Y’all have a good day, now.

Already running up against a wee problem with this weight loss business:

I hate to cook.

Well, I hate to cook for just me. And if I cook in quantity, like soup, I tend to eat and eat and eat… until it’s gone. That’s why I no longer bake cakes unless I have to take one somewhere, by the way. Leftovers call my name real loud.

So. Buy chops? re-bag them up for one per meal and stick the rest in my little freezer compartment? Note: I cannot just “freeze things” because I have a small under-counter fridge with a narrow little ice box; my little ziplock bags of chops would go where an ice tray would fit.

Oh, and I no longer have a microwave, and I really don’t want one. I was only using it to reheat things, and then I began seeing articles about how “nuking” the food actually effects its molecular structure; and that makes me kind of nervous… so I got rid of mine, which was older than my house, anyway.



Ugh. Who wants to hear the fat lady talk about dieting? I sure don’t! – Oh, wait, I am the fat lady and blogging is one of the requirements of my participation in the program. Oh, darn.

Well, the program is Dieting Dozen in a Writing to Lose Challenge, initiated by my friend Karina Fabian. So here goes:

NAME: Laura Lowder


BLOG:   http://www.lauralowder.wordpress.com

100-word BIO:

WEIGHT LOSS GOAL:  By March 1? I’ll be thrilled with 15 lbs. Ultimately… I’ll tell you later, but it’s a LOT.

FITNESS/APPEARANCE GOAL:  To be able to do something physical for more than 5 minutes without being out of breath, hurting, having to sit down.

LIFESTYLE CHANGE GOAL (optional): See above. Being able to move around without aching and/or needing to catch my breath will be a major lifestyle change.

WHAT’S YOUR INITIAL GAME PLAN?  Eat better – less junk food, more fruits/vegs — and to exercise every day, even if it’s just walking out to my mailbox.

ANY INSIGHT TO SHARE? If I had insights, would I be doing this?

CURRENT WEIGHT: HAHAHAHAHA — NO WAY am I telling THAT number! I’ll admit to being morbidly obese; you’ll just have to be content with that.

CURRENT BODY FAT INDEX OR MEASUREMENTS:  I don’t know yet – will try to get a tape and measure later. – that does NOT mean I will be posting said numbers. Okay?

PHYSICAL CHALLENGES?  Collapsed arches leading to knee problems –

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL CHALLENGES (comfort eating, sugar addiction, particular life stresses) — comfort eater, probably a sugar addiction, too. Started eating to stuff emotions in the very early days of being married to the Fairy Prince.

WHAT DO YOU HOPE FOR FROM THIS GROUP?  Help/motivation/encouragement to take better care of myself.

First target date: March 1

Be prepared to be completely and totally BORED by all this.