Ugh. Who wants to hear the fat lady talk about dieting? I sure don’t! – Oh, wait, I am the fat lady and blogging is one of the requirements of my participation in the program. Oh, darn.

Well, the program is Dieting Dozen in a Writing to Lose Challenge, initiated by my friend Karina Fabian. So here goes:

NAME: Laura Lowder



100-word BIO:

WEIGHT LOSS GOAL:  By March 1? I’ll be thrilled with 15 lbs. Ultimately… I’ll tell you later, but it’s a LOT.

FITNESS/APPEARANCE GOAL:  To be able to do something physical for more than 5 minutes without being out of breath, hurting, having to sit down.

LIFESTYLE CHANGE GOAL (optional): See above. Being able to move around without aching and/or needing to catch my breath will be a major lifestyle change.

WHAT’S YOUR INITIAL GAME PLAN?  Eat better – less junk food, more fruits/vegs — and to exercise every day, even if it’s just walking out to my mailbox.

ANY INSIGHT TO SHARE? If I had insights, would I be doing this?

CURRENT WEIGHT: HAHAHAHAHA — NO WAY am I telling THAT number! I’ll admit to being morbidly obese; you’ll just have to be content with that.

CURRENT BODY FAT INDEX OR MEASUREMENTS:  I don’t know yet – will try to get a tape and measure later. – that does NOT mean I will be posting said numbers. Okay?

PHYSICAL CHALLENGES?  Collapsed arches leading to knee problems –

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL CHALLENGES (comfort eating, sugar addiction, particular life stresses) — comfort eater, probably a sugar addiction, too. Started eating to stuff emotions in the very early days of being married to the Fairy Prince.

WHAT DO YOU HOPE FOR FROM THIS GROUP?  Help/motivation/encouragement to take better care of myself.

First target date: March 1

Be prepared to be completely and totally BORED by all this.

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