Already running up against a wee problem with this weight loss business:

I hate to cook.

Well, I hate to cook for just me. And if I cook in quantity, like soup, I tend to eat and eat and eat… until it’s gone. That’s why I no longer bake cakes unless I have to take one somewhere, by the way. Leftovers call my name real loud.

So. Buy chops? re-bag them up for one per meal and stick the rest in my little freezer compartment? Note: I cannot just “freeze things” because I have a small under-counter fridge with a narrow little ice box; my little ziplock bags of chops would go where an ice tray would fit.

Oh, and I no longer have a microwave, and I really don’t want one. I was only using it to reheat things, and then I began seeing articles about how “nuking” the food actually effects its molecular structure; and that makes me kind of nervous… so I got rid of mine, which was older than my house, anyway.


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