Drifting by the Sloth of Disobedience

From the Prologue of the Rule of Benedict:

. . . The labor of obedience will bring you back to him from whom you had drifted through the sloth of disobedience. (v. 2)

It’s a funny thing about drifting:  you’re just there, and you get distracted by new ideas, new distractions, new activities . . . and you finally look up and — Whoa! where am I?  I was over there, but now I’m over here! How did that happen?

It’s particularly easy to do in our walk with the Lord.  A day of skipping prayer makes it easy to skip again, and before you know it, weeks and even months have gone by . . . and you’ve lost your bearings and you aren’t really even sure when or how it happened.

Sloth. Laziness. Slack off in the habits of discipleship and before you know it you’ve been carried way on downstream and not in the direction you’d intended to go.

So stick with it.  If you’ve been lazy, if you’ve been careless, renew your resolve and turn the “ear of your heart” to sound instruction.

Strange friendships

This is Lucky.  Lucky is actually my cousins’ dog, but he has decided, by some mysterious process known only to dogs, that I am one of his chosen people.  He regularly comes to visit me.  If there is a thunderstorm and my cousins are not at home, he will show up at my door about the time I hear the first rumbles in the distance.  I do not understand this process, or why he has decided that I am one of his own.  But I am very glad he has done so.

Photo on 5-9-15 at 7.08 PM #2