Prelude and Fugue in Faith

I originally began writing my conversion story as a letter to a couple of relatives and friends who were alarmed at my decision to become Catholic. It has grown considerably over the past couple years, and is still very much a work in progress.

Catholicism is like a bottomless well – the more you discover, the more there is left to discover. Or it’s like a diamond mine – the more you take out, the more there is for future discovery. You can’t possibly exhaust the Source.

This is also an experiment with some of WordPress’s really nice features – so forgive me while I work out some bugs in formatting, placement, etc.

2 thoughts on “Prelude and Fugue in Faith

  1. Dear Laura,
    I love reading and rereading your conversion story. It’s so inspiring. We miss you at COL, especially your posts on liturgical music. I do get your prayer requests and try to do them at my nightly Eucharistic adoration. I hope you are well. I miss you.

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